Best Guitars Under 5000 in India for 2020

Holding your first guitar in hands is a memory to be cherished for a lifetime. Whether it is nylon string acoustic guitar or a steel string, buying first guitar is always very special for every person who is aspiring to be a guitarist. If you are beginner and planning to buy a fine guitar which not only inspire to learn playing a guitar and create innovative music but also lies within budget, then we have come up with exclusive review and buyers guide of best guitar under 5000 rupees in India.

Being a beginner you may be unaware of various tips and tricks that are used in playing guitar. As you progress to next level of sophistication, you will have to use more technicalities of the guitar. All this may seem to be daunting but playing guitar can be fun and relaxing experience if you put your heart and soul into it. As a beginner you need to buy a guitar which is of decent quality, durability and be your music partner at least till your intermediate level.

Top 7 guitars under Rs 5000 in india

Now that we know different types of guitars available in the market and how to choose the right guitar which is worth the money spent over it, let us review top 7 guitars in India. This review will give you a fair idea about some of the most popular guitars in India and will also help you in selecting the right one.

Kadence Frontier Series

There will be no exaggeration in saying that Kadence frontier Series is one of the most popular guitars for beginners mainly because of its economic range and high quality construction. It is a type of guitar which you can’t miss to check out if you happen to buy your first guitar.

Its smaller body and cutaway design makes it very comfortable to handle. Beginners can keep their arms at rest while learning to play musical notes over the guitar.

It is an acoustic guitar. Icing on the cake is its superior sound quality which you seldom get at the given price.

Fret board of the guitar is made of rosewood while its body is made of high quality Spruce wood.

It is a six string guitar with superb sound quality. This guitar is not only good to hear but also good to see. It is available in variety of colours such as black, red, blue and so on.

If we talk about Kadence frontier series then we can get both hollow body acoustic guitars and semi hollow body acoustic guitars in the same price range

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Zabel acoustic guitar 40 inches matt finish combo

Another gem in the list of economic guitars in India is this Zabel acoustic guitar. It is a durable, sturdy and reliable guitar quite suitable for guitarists at beginning levels.

It is a light weighted guitar and weighs around 2.48 kg. Royal black colour of the guitar gives it a trendy look and increases it aesthetic value by many folds. May be this is the reason for its increasing popularity amongst musicians who are beginners in the music world.

Body of the guitar is made in combination of wood and Linden. Truss wood is also used in construction for better adjustment while musician is bushing playing music.

This guitar has 6 sturdy strings and its scale length is 40 inches. Cutaway design of the guitar will help you in playing higher nodes during your performance.

You get accessories like cover, strap and sturdy picks along with this guitar. Overall it is one of the best guitars for beginners within an economic range.

Cavani 40 inches acoustic guitar

If you are looking for a high quality, durable and stylish guitar then you should definitely check out the acoustic guitar by Cavani. It is one of the best options of economic guitars in India.

It is a perfect guitar for beginners as it is small in size, light in weight and is of cutaway style for keeping the arms at rest while playing. It will be quite easy to handle by the beginner who have begun with A, B and c of guitar playing.

Like other high quality guitars in India, fret board of this guitar is also made of rosewood.

It is a six string guitar with a scale length of 40 inches. it produces soothing, deep and thick sound.

Only problem with this guitar is that its colour quality is poor and prone to fading with time. Otherwise it can be one of the best choices for a beginner starting with his or her guitar lessons.

Jixing 6 strings acoustic guitar red sunburst

One of the most pocket friendly guitar choices in the list of economic guitars in India is Jixing 6 strings acoustic guitar.

Though it is an economic guitar but by using the combination of 6 durable nylon strings and 18 frets you can produce awesome sound which is loud, clear and soothing.

It is a light weighted guitar weighing around 1.5 kg. Shape and design of the guitar is trendy and aesthetically appealing. Small size of the guitar makes it an ideal choice for a beginner.

Body of the guitar is made by Maplewood while its finger board is made by linden wood.

You also get a bag, string and 3 picks with this affordable and durable guitar.

Jaurez acoustic guitar with bag, strings and straps

If we talk about some of the most trusted brands producing high quality guitars in mid-range then Jaurez will find a respectable place in the list. Over the years it has earn lot of trust and popularity as high quality guitar manufacturer.

Glossy black body of the guitar looks stylish and trendy. Entire body of the guitar is made of wood while the bridge of the guitar is made of plastic. Neck, back and finger board of the guitar is made of high quality linden wood.

Combination of six sturdy nylon strings and 18 frets create amazing sound which is deep, thick and soothing. It is a hollow body acoustic guitar suitable to play loud volume sounds. Scale length of the guitar is 38 inches.

Intern INT 38-C

If you are beginner and wish to play loud music through guitar then you should definitely check out the acoustic guitar be intern. It is another high quality acoustic guitar for beginner from a trusted brand like Intern.

Body of the guitar is made of linden wood and is of dreadnought style. Neck, back and fret board is made of linden wood while bridge of the guitar is made of plastic.

Glossy finish of the guitar makes it look stylish, trendy and aesthetically appealing.

It is a six string guitar useful in producing loud sound.

Though many beginners complain discomfort mainly because of its dreadnought body style and wide and thick fret board. They feel that this guitar is too big to be handled comfortably by a beginner. It has a thicker body which is aesthetically unappealing to some. Some people have also complained against its poor body quality.

True Cult 1680 AGB512 guitar

If you are looking for a best performing guitar with superb sound quality then your search will definitely end here. A trusted brand like true Cult, high quality construction and economic range makes it one of the best choices in the list.

Body of the guitar is made of high quality tone wood known to create amazing sonic sound. So next time when you wish to give a sonic performance in front of live audience, check out this durable and economic guitar by true Cult. Total weight of the guitar is 2.75 kg.

Scale length of the guitar is short and offers comfort and ease of playing to the beginners. It is one of the best options of guitars for beginners and learners.

You also get a navy blue bag, strings and pickups with this guitar.

Givson crown standard CRST N

If you are someone who prefer deep and crisp sound over loud sound then you should try this guitar from Givson. It is an amazing guitar with unique design and no sound holes. If you have never got a chance to play an electric guitar then this guitar from Givson will definitely give you the same feel.

It is one of the best choices of guitars for beginners.

Body of the guitar is made of combination of hardwoods such as rosewood, pinewood and tone wood. Body and neck of the guitar is made of tone wood while its top is made of pine wood and its fret board is made of high quality rosewood. Overall quality of body of this guitar is great.

Cutaway style makes it comfortable for the beginner to hold and handle the guitar. Thin body and neck further adds to the ease of playing the guitar.

Only problem with this guitar is that though its sound quality is decent, it produces very low sound

How to Choose the Best Guitar Under 5000

Before you venture into buying a guitar for yourself, let us understand different varieties of guitars available in the market. 

Acoustic Guitars

The first and foremost guitar in our list is Acoustic Guitar. It has a hollow body and generally used to produce large sounds from the strings acoustically. These guitar is made completely of wood. Body shape of acoustic guitar is very attractive and is of main value. Acoustic guitars are available in plethora of shapes and sizes. You will find symmetrical shape and cutaway style in acoustic guitar. Cutaway guitar have an added advantage of comfortable arm rest to reach higher frets while playing. Large acoustic guitars such as Jumbo and Dreadnought produce banging sound. It will be interesting to note that body shape and size of the guitar plays key role in providing articulate tone, parlor and auditorium. 

Semi acoustic guitar

If you are looking for a perfect blend of electric and acoustic guitar then you should check out semi acoustic guitar. It is a kind of guitar which lies right in the middle of acoustic guitar and electric guitar. Though such guitars have a thin and compact body but like acoustic guitar their body is hollow. They can produce loud sound when plugged in to an amplifier. It is a very good choice for music lovers who prefer more flexibility in their music. Though if you are looking forward to professional playing then you should go for fully acoustic or electric guitar. 

Electric guitar

Electric guitars are the guitars with thin and compact yet strong and sturdy body. Its body is not hollow and produces very low sound. This is the reason you need to connect its pick up with an amplifier in order to get loud sound. Electric guitars are made of high quality of wood and is available in plethora of shapes and styles. Strings of the electric guitar are quite strong. Usually you get 6 strings electric guitar for beginners but if you are looking for a professional quality guitar then you can even go for electric guitar with 12 strings. 

Bass guitar

Secret of the earth shaking performance of a professional guitarist is Bass guitar. Bass guitar has four strings capable of producing deep and thick sound. These guitars have solid body and can have acoustic and semi acoustic bass. If you are looking for more variety and flexibility in music then you can even choose bass guitar with 5 or 6 strings. If you happen to be the part of a band and wish to produce rhythmic music with a drummer, then electric bass guitar will be the best choice for you. This guitar is not suitable for solo performance. 

Important factors to be considered before buying the right guitar for you

There are plethora of guitars available in the market. These guitars are of different shapes, sizes, functionality and technicality. You need to consider many variables before buying a guitar. In the following sections we have discussed all those variables in details so that you can end up buying the right guitar which gives you full worth of money spent over it. 

Do your homework

Before you go out buying a guitar, do your research. Find out what are the different types of guitar available in the market, what different functionalities in it are and which guitar will suit you the best. Type of guitar suitable for you will depend on your playing style. For example if you do not like playing a guitar with distortion on then a guitar with EMG pickups will be a bad choice for you.

Purpose of buying the guitar and you level of skills

Another important factor to be considered before buying a guitar is the purpose of buying the guitar and your skill level. Choice of guitar will be different for a beginner who is planning to take guitar classes and for someone who plays guitar on professional level in front of live audience or with a band. 


Another important factor to be taken into consideration while buying the guitar is budget. For a beginner who is starting with A, B, C of guitar playing, it will not be wise to invest lot of money in the instrument. You will get many guitars under INR 5000 in the market. These guitars have decent functionalities and are suitable for beginners and musicians at intermediate level. Don’t waste your hard earned money on unnecessary accessories at this level. You can check out different brands selling guitars of economy to mid-price range. You can also check out online stores to find suitable guitars under INR 5000 for beginners.  

Music style you play

Tone you will play on the guitar will affect its selection. Whether you play country, pop, rock or folk, the genre of music will decide the kind of guitar you should buy. Jumbo and dreadnought guitars are usually concert guitars used for producing loud noise. However slim and compact guitars produces lighter and mid-range sound.

Construction and design of the guitar

Another important factor to be taken into consideration is construction of the guitar. Its different components like fret board, finger board, strings, material, pickup, tuning pegs etc. will affect the sound produced. So depending on the quality of sound you wish to produce you can select the guitar. If the strings of the guitar are too far away from the fret board then you fingers will fell lot of pain in playing the guitar. It is always advisable to play guitar before buying it, in order to know its feel and comfort level.  

Body of the guitar

Guitars usually have three kind of body i.e. hollow, semi hollow and solid body type guitar. On one hand hollow body guitar is used to produce loud sound while solid body guitar produces loud sound using amplifier but can add lot of variety and flexibility to the music. You can play jazz, rock and pop using solid body guitar.

Type of wood used in the guitar

Type of wood used in making the guitar not only defines the look of the guitar but it also impacts the sound quality of the guitar. Usually economic guitars are made of laminated wood which do not mature with ageing. In higher quality guitars, top and back of the guitar is made of Cedar or spruce wood and sides is made of rosewood, mahogany and maple wood. 

Some tips that can help you in buying your first guitar

Avoid guitars that are very cheap

For enrolling into any activity, interest is one of the main determining factors. Base your selection on questions like whether you like playing acoustic guitar or electric guitar, genre of music like jazz, rock, pop or folk, level of skills you possess and the level to which you wish to upgrade and so on. Investing into a cheap guitar just looking at the price may waste your time, money and energy. You will repent after some time as you may not get the quality of sound expected. 

Play guitar before buying it

It is always advisable to play the guitar you actually buy it. Make sure it is comfortable to play and produces rich and thick sound. When you play the guitar and you are sure about its sound quality and comfort then you will be able to make the right decison

In case you live in a small town and do not have any guitar shops in the area, this might not be possible for you. In such a case try to find an appropriate video online that gives a demo of the guitar that you are planning to buy

Don’t fall for big brands

Another important tip for buying best guitar under INR 5000 is don’t fall for big brands. Big brands not always deliver what they promise and are worth high price what they charge. It is better to check out local music shops to find suitable guitars in economic range. You can play those guitar and decide whether it is the right guitar or not. You can also check out online stores to find reviews about best mid-range guitars suitable for guitarists at beginner or intermediate levels


There will be no exaggeration in saying that learning guitar is one of the most amazing experiences of life. There is no turning back from the point when you are able to play couple of songs on the guitar and entertain you friends and family. Once you reach this point you will always wish for more and more. It will be better for you if invest in your first guitar after lot of research work and understanding. If you explore the options available to you, take guidance from expert guitar teachers and tutors and determine you field of musical interest then selecting the right guitar should not be a problem. It will be advisable to visit local music stores and online music stores rather than big brand showrooms to find the right guitar worth its price. Music experience from first guitar will stay with you forever, so don’t hurry into buying anything available at a cheap price. Take a pause, take advice, think twice, play the guitar and then decide whether you wish to buy it or not