Best Electric Guitars in India for 2020 Review and Buyers guide

There will be no exaggeration in saying that electric guitars have been one of the top seller music instruments in all the music shops. Earth shaking roar a guitarist can pull from an electric guitar has made it staple for n numbers of music bands and genres. May be this is the reason that it is one of the most popular musical instruments since decades. 

When you go out buying an electric guitar, you come across n numbers of guitars with different shapes, sizes, functionality, brands and price. At times, ocean of information about various kind of electric guitar can be over whelming for a beginner. As a result he or she may end up buying something which does not match up to his or her playing style, skills set or is not value for money spent over it. 

We have come up with this buyer’s guide to help you buying the best guitar without being over whelmed. We have also reviewed top 10 guitars based on their functionality, brand, quality and price. In short this review and buyer’s guide will be your gateway to the perfect guitar. 

Top 10 Electric Guitars in India for 2020

Now that we know what factors to be considered for buying a good guitar and about various parts of the guitar, let us review top 10 electric guitars in India

Fender American Special Stratocaster Olympic

There is no denial of the fact that it is a beautiful guitar by Fender. It is a reasonable guitar and available in the range of under 1000$. 

Similar to other Stratocaster guitar, this guitar also have a synchronised tremolo for producing sound at various pitches. Thick over drive, bubbly high ends and good range of tonal flexibility are some of the benefits of this electric guitar by Fender. 

If you are looking for a perfect blend of traditional guitar with a touch of modern era, then you definitely need to check out this guitar. There will be no exaggeration in saying that it will give you sheer joy of playing music. 

It is a 6 string guitar suitable for playing different genres of music. Signature sound from the guitar can be attributed to its 25.5 inches long string. 

The guitar by Fender is built using high quality material. It is a strong, sturdy and durable guitar which will last for many years. It is full value for money spent over it. 

Sawtooth Black electric guitar

If you are beginner and looking for s stylish guitar to be taken to your classes then you should definitely check out Sawtooth black electric guitar. 

Basswood body of the guitar is durable and aesthetically appealing. Black body finish and black pickguard adds to the beauty of the guitar. Body of the guitar is light weight but strong and durable.

Signature sound of the guitar can be attributed to its 25.5 inches scale length and 42 mm nut thickness. 

Fingerboard of the guitar is made of rosewood and is of maple c shape. It has 22 frets and dot position inlays over it. 

The guitar is equipped with 5 way selector switch and synchronous tremolo bridge. You also get 3 single coil pickups, 2 tone controls and 1 master volume.

You get all this and much more at a very affordable price.

Only problem with this guitar is that most of the accessories you get along with it are unusable.

Gibson Les Paul studio

Gibson Les Paul is one of the most prolific guitar manufacturers in America. They leave no stone unturned to create a perfect blend of iconic style with iconic sound in their guitars. Though each guitar made by the manufacturer is distinctive in its own special way, but Studio is especially special mainly because of the fact that it is perfect blend of high end designing and functionality with modest pricing. 

Neck and body of the guitar is made of thick Mahogany which gives it an appealing look along with sturdiness and durability.  

24.75 inches scale length of the guitar helps in producing great sound in any music style. This guitar is the perfect example of how a good musician can produce great music with a guitar with basic features like Gibson Les Paul Studio. It is a perfect guitar for all the musician with different skill levels and backgrounds. 

High quality pickup, premium wood quality and top notch construction are some of the bestselling properties of the guitar. 

Squier by Fender short scale

Squier by Fender is not just an ideal guitar choice for a beginner but it is also popular amongst expert guitar players. The Squier by Fender short scale Stratocaster along with 10G amp makes it a complete package for all the guitarists with different skill levels. 

It has a chic design for improving your overall appearance in the performance. It has a C shaped body which fits easily in your palm and looks aesthetically appealing. It has a light weight body easy to handle. 

Complete length of the guitar is of 36 inches while its scale length is of 24 inches. Finger board of the guitar has 20 frets to produce music at different pitches and frequencies. 

3 single coil Stratocaster pickup, hardtail 6 saddle bridge and instrument cable are some other accessories that you get with the guitar. 

Though you get tuning pegs to tune the guitar fairly, but it is important to note that tuning pegs of the guitar are of low quality and guitar may not stay in tune for long. 

Apart from that strings of the guitar are also quite vibrant. 

Reverend double agent OG electric guitar

If you are looking for a guitar which has great style and is aesthetically appealing then this is the guitar for you. Single cutaway style of the guitar will make you look like a rock star even before you start playing. 

Humbucker P90 pickups of the guitar will not only help you in producing great music but it will also help in smooth transition between two tones without losing punch or volume.    

No matter how hard you play the guitar, amazing combination of tune-o-Matic and Stoptail combo will always keep your guitar in tune. 

Low profile and angle necked heel of the guitar will not only let you play the guitar comfortably but also help you in reaching all the high notes without any difficulty. 

Custom dome knobs on the fingerboard do not come in your way while you play guitar in full swing. White dots on the knobs help you in recognising where exactly you have set the knobs on the finger board.

It will be interesting to note that beautiful caramel colour of the guitar is because of roasted maple which is treated at a temperature above 300 degree Celsius to eliminate all the impurities, sugar and moisture. 

PRS SE Custom 24

Paul Reed Smith a popular name in the world of guitar manufacturers have come up with amazing PRS SE Custom 24 guitar. This guitar has gained quick popularity in the category mainly because of its high quality parts and excellent workmanship. 

When we talk about aesthetic appeal, PRS SE Custom 24 will definitely win the race with flying colours. Frets in the shape of the birds subtly adds to the elegance of the guitar. Icing on the cake is the mahogany body and maple back and neck of the guitar which looks equally attractive and elegant. 

Medium sized frets for balanced playability and set in neck for improved stability and resonance makes this guitar a mainstay in the guitar circles. 

Though the guitar do not have similar longevity like Gibson and Fender but it is still one of the most popular guitars amongst guitarists. 

Yamaha Gig maker electric guitar

Yamaha gig maker is one of the best electric guitars with quality assurance from a renowned guitar manufacturer like Yamaha. It is one of the coolest electric guitars for beginner offering excellent sound quality at a modest price. 

Premium design of the guitar is stylish and eye catching. It is of ideal length and weight for both teenagers and adults to handle it without any difficulty. In short it is gorgeous guitar which will definitely make you look cool while you play awesome music over it. 

You get 15 watt Yamaha amp along with this guitar. Straps, picks and amp of the guitar works moderately. You also get a chromatic tuner and extra strings with the guitar.

Only problem with the guitar is that you need an adjustment of the strings.

Schecter guitar research Keith Merrow KM 7

It is another beautiful guitar for beginners with body of Swamp ash and maple neck. Finger board of the guitar is made of ebony and it has white dot inlays on it. All this make the guitar look gorgeous when you play it in front of live audience. 

You get better playability and smooth sound from the ebony fingerboard of the guitar. 

KM-7 guitar is a solid body instrument with no cutaways. Despite of the fact, it is a light weight guitar mainly because of the wood used in constructing the guitar. 

7 strings of the guitar may appear to be daunting to the beginner initially but it is something which will later inspire them to innovate music and take it to greater heights. 

It is a string through instrument responsible for beautiful resonation of music at the time of playing. You can play great varieties of music on this guitar by Schecter.           

It is a great choice of guitar for beginners at a very modest price. 

Only problem with guitar is that it does not come with a case. 

Ibanez RG prestige RG652AHMFX Nebula green burst

Like Ibanez, its sub models of guitars have also gained lot of respect and popularity in guitarists circle. Prestige and RG series of the guitars have plethora of impressive features. 

Five piece maple or walnut neck of the guitar helps the guitarist to do high speed shredding across bird’s eye maple finger board. 

Amazing combination of DiMarizio’s Air Norton and Tone Zone pickup makes it one of the most popular choices amongst electric guitars in India. 

Some people may be of the notion that it is a guitar suitable for people who like to play hard and see how many tremolo pickups they can take up in a minute but it is not completely true. It is a suitable guitar for almost every person who is looking forward to play some good music. 

High aesthetic appeal, smart design and trusted manufacturer makes it one of the most popular mid to high end range electric guitars.

Epiphone Les Paul SL starter pack

If you are looking for a cool guitar, with great features, affordable price and perfect for beginners then Epiphone Les Paul SL starter pack is the right guitar for you. It is one of the best beginner electric guitars you can choose for your guitar lessons. 

In the name SL refers to slim and light weight. It is a very light weight guitar and can be compared to feather in terms of weight. Icing on the cake is the affordable price, one of the mandatory requirements for the beginners. 

Built quality of the guitar is outstanding. Apart from that its design is also comfortable and gorgeous. 

Single coil pickups, battery activated ‘Mighty Pro’ mini amp, gig bag, straps and picks are the accessories you get with the guitar. 

Only problem with the guitar is the knobs on the finger board are quite unhelpful. 

Things to consider while buying an electric guitar online – Guitar buying guide

Before you set yourself on the task of buying a guitar, you need to answer few questions. When you are able to answer the questions satisfactorily, only then you will be able to choose a guitar which will be worth the money you will be spending on it.

  1. Level of expertise you wish to achieve! The first and foremost question to be answered is the level of expertise that you wish to achieve with the electric guitar. Whether you are beginner who has just started learning to play guitar. Or you have taken few initial lessons and you are at intermediate level. Or you are a professional guitarist and looking for best guitar in India for professional performances. It will be interesting to note that different models of guitars are suitable for different people. For instance an Epiphone player is great for a beginner but it will be a total disaster for a professional player. Or a guitar with many functionalities will be quite helpful for a professional guitarist to produce innovative music but it will be total waste of money for a beginner. So depending on your level of skills and the level of skills you wish to achieve, you should select the guitar.
  2. Accessories you get along! We are living in a times where we do not need to put lot of effort in finding the right guitar or its accessories. Usually we get all the accessories as a part of the package along with the guitar. Electric guitar has few important accessories such a picks, straps, gig bag and a practice amplifier. Look for a guitar which has all these accessories as a part of the package at a very reasonable price. 
  3. Budget! Another important question to be answered is how much money you are willing to spend on the guitar. As a professional guitar player, budget should not be the question as they have to buy guitar with high functionality and quality which is usually expensive. But as a beginner there is no harm in trying some cheaper guitars at initial level. Price of a guitar is usually determined by the quality of wood by which the guitar is made. Another factor that determines the price if the quality of pickups that amplifies the string sound. As a beginner you can go for guitars with cheap pickups. 
  4. Shape and size of the guitar! Electric guitars are available in hundreds of shapes and sizes. Though these shapes and sizes seldom have any effect on the functionality of the guitar but it can have major effect on the way you look while giving the performance. Shape, look, style and size of the guitar should be left completely on one’s preference and taste. 
  5. Value for money! There are many big brands in the market whose electric guitars in India are usually overpriced. They may or may not have same level of quality, functionality and value for money. Before you finalise any guitar make sure it is worth the money you are paying. If you are able to lay your hands on a deal where a guitar is offering functionality worth 10000 rupees at a price of 5000 rupees, then just grab it. But make sure you are not picking up a trash and the deal is not a scam. 
  6. Take advice from your teacher! If you are just beginning your journey of being a guitar player and buying your first guitar, then don’t forget to take advice from your teacher or an expert musician. He or she will be the best person to guide you with your first guitar. Their expertise and experience will make a lot of difference in your selection process. 

How does an electric guitar work?

An electric guitar is available in plethora of shapes and sizes but basic principle of working remains the same in all the guitars. First a pickup is mounted on the top of the guitar. It is this pickup which acts as the magnetic field. When metal string of the guitar is plucked, it vibrates and produces some current. Pick up mounted over the top transmits the current to the guitar cable via pre amp circuit. Some tone controls are employed during this process. An amplifier is connected to the guitar, which not only boosts the signal but also modify it with different effects and tone controls. Boosted signal is further converted into sound with the help of a speaker. 

It will be interesting to not that different parts of the guitar works in perfect synchronisation to produce the sound you listen in the end. In order to buy the right guitar it is very important to check its configuration in order to evaluate it performance and value. 

Parts of an electric guitar

If you are a beginner and venturing into buying a guitar for the first time, then you should be familiar with various parts of the guitar. It will help you in better judgement of configuration, quality and performance of the guitar

  1. Pick Ups! One of the most important component of an electric guitar is pickups. They are usually placed beneath the strings and play the same role as frets in acoustic guitar. Pickups basically determine the vibrations produced on plucking the strings, create an electric signal and send it to guitar cable via amplifier. Number of pickups in a guitar can vary from one to three or four. 
  2. Binding! Another important part of the guitar is its binding. It is basically the trim that runs along the sides, top and front of the guitar. It not only gives a polished look to the guitar but also protects the guitar from small scratches and bumps. 
  3. Volume Knob! Volume knob is mainly used to adjust the level of volume coming out from the guitar. An electric guitar may or may not have a volume knob. Some electric guitars can have as many as three volume knobs.
  4. Body of the guitar Body of the guitar is made of wood. It can either be simple wooden plank or it can be shaped in such a way that it has sides, back and top. Type and quality of wood used in making the guitar determines the quality of its body. 
  5. Tone Knob! You will need tone knob to adjust the frequency of sound coming out from the guitar. Each pickup has its own tone knob and it is this tone knob by which you can easily toggle between high and low frequencies.
  6. Cut off switch! Cut-off switches is an important function as it can help you in innovating your music. By cut-off switch you can select between individual pickups or use combination of pickups if your guitar have multiple pickups.
  7. Neck! Another important part of the guitar is the neck which connects the strings of the guitar from base to the tuning pegs at the top. It is this neck to which the fingerboard of the guitar is connected. 
  8. Semi hollow and hollow A semi hollow guitar has two hollow chambers as contrary to single hollow chamber in hollow guitar. A semi hollow guitar produces woody sound and is prone to feed back while hollow guitar is also prone to feedback but it can help in producing sound almost similar to the acoustic guitar. 
  9. Finger board Finger board is usually made of high quality wood such as rosewood or walnut wood. It has frets made of metal or wood for preventing the strings from vibrating too much and sound quality of the guitar can be maintained. For quick and easy reference of playing chords and notes, some finger boards also have dots around the metal strings.       
  10. Output jack Another important part of the guitar is the output jack which is usually present at the bottom or back end of the guitar. This output jack is connected to the amplifier using a small cable and hence completes the circuit for electric wave travelling from pickup to the guitar cable via amplifier


We have reviewed top 10 electric guitars in India. Whether you are a beginner or at intermediate level, try buying a guitar made of good quality material and top notch construction. Even if you are beginner, some day you are going to achieve higher levels of guitar playing and who would like to invest in the instrument in every year or two. There is no written rule that expensive guitars produce better sound than cheaper ones. It all depends on the capabilities and skills of the guitarist. All you can do is look for a decent guitar, with decent features and good quality so that you can not only produce good music but you can also innovate to take your passion to higher levels