Best Classical Guitars in India for 2020

If you are looking for the best classical guitar in India you have come to the right article as we have reviewed some of the best classical guitars in India and also prepared a buyers guide which will guide you on how to find a classical guitar with nylon strings.

A classical guitar which is also known as a spanish guitar is a guitar that is used in classical music. It has nylon strings in place of steel strings which you can find in acoustic and electrical guitars.

Best Classical/ Spanish Guitars in India

Yamaha Classical Guitar C40//02

Yamaha is a popular names among guitar manufacturers and the name itself speaks volumes about the quality of the instrument produced. This is probably the best classical guitar for this price range and we strongly suggest this for beginners. This is a ful sized classical guitar and the tone quality will be appreciated by all students and learners of classical guitar.

The C40II has a balanced sound and has an even response from highs and lows. This is due to the quality of the wood used.

It is really important for any guitar to have correct intonation. The accurate fret positioning of this guitar ensures that you are in tune as you play down the neck. This is really important if you are going to play in a group.

Any guitar should have quality tuning pegs and they should be smooth to move to ensure that you are able to tune the guitar properly. The C40II has quality tuners for reliable tuning.

Vault EC3970SK 39 inch Premium Cutaway Classical Guitar with Fishman Pickup

If you are looking for a classical guitar with a pickup then this is one of the best option for you

The company Vault that has manufactured this guitar is able to bypass the distributers and retailers which allows them to sell directly from factory to the consumer. This makes it possible for them to give you a large saving

The fishman blend pickuo plus tuner that is a part of this guitar gives you a lot of quality and offers control. The guitar has a wider range of tonal characteristics which is due to the built in mic . The Presys preamp comes with volume, bass mid and treble controls. There is also a built in tuner that comes with LED and a phase switch

You can adjust the neck of this guitar in either direction using the truss rod. This means that you can fix the warp in the neck from either direction. The truss rod is a unique characteristic of this classic guitar as usually classic guitar lack a truss rod

The definitive guide to buying a classical guitar


The first thing that you might want to decide is the budget. There are many different kinds of classical guitars available in the market and they are all priced differently. One advice that i would like to give is that try to avoid guitars that are very cheap. This applies to all sorts of guitars whether they are classical guitars, electric guitars or acoustic guitars. The reason is that the cheaper guitars are not well built and due to which you might not get as good a sound as you would expect. A lot of people might even give up guitar playing if they start with a very cheap guitar.

Size of the guitar

There are many sizes of classical guitars available but the main ones are full size, one quarter and three quarters. The size of the classical doesnt correlate to your playing skills or for how long you have been playing. You will need to choose a size based on your body size and size of hands. You will need to buy the right size that fits your body. You might find a lot of skilled classical guitar players choosing a quarter or a three quarter guitar over a full one.

Fret Sprout

Fret sprout is a condition in guitar where the both ends of the frets protrude from the edges of the fingerboard. While this is bad no matter what guitar you choose, in case of a classical guitar it would be a terrible thing to have.

In case you are not aware of how to find it, you will need to run your fingers and thumb along the edges of the fingerboard. The edges should feel smooth. You might feel the fret on both sides but you should not feel them protruding out. In case you feel that frets are coming out of the both sides, it is due to shrinking of the wood and is known as fret sprout

You might think that it would be an issue with playing or you would be able to file the frets. You should not buy such a guitar because the issue has arised due to shrinkage of the wood of the fretboard. This means that the fretboard was not dry enough when the guitar was made and has lost the humidity and has shrunk. Now since the fretboard was made using a wood which was not dry enough, it could be the case of the wood used in the body as well and there are chances that gradually the body of the guitar will also lose humidity and will shrink. This will lead to lost of structural problems in the guitar.

As a rule try to avoid any guitar that has fret sprout.

Action of the guitar (Height of the string)

Action means the height of the string on the 12th fret. In case of a a classical guitar the 12 fret is where the neck meets the body. Now usually the action of the string which means the distance between the top of 12th fret and the bottom of string is as 4mm on the 6th string and 3.5 mm on the first string.

Our recommendation is that you should not purchase a guitar which has a higher action that means where the distance of the respective strings is more than the recommended values above. The reason is that such a guitar will not be comfortable to play.

Shape of Guitar Nut

The nut is the plastic bone on the top of the fret board near the headstock where tuners are present. You have to ensure that the nut is well cut. In case it is not then the height of the strings on the top fret where you play open chords will be a lot. This will make it difficult for you to play open chords.

In order to check the quality of the cut of nut, you will press the string at the 3rd fret and check the distance between the string and first fret. If the cut of the nut is fine, then the distance between the string and the first fret should be practically zero while you are pressing at the 3rd fret.


A saddle helps transfer the vibrations into the top wood of the guitar. When you are buying a guitar it is important that there in enough saddle so that you can shave it and make adjustments when you require to do so. Since most of the classical guitars dont have a truss road, you will be shaving the saddle and making adjustments. Also you cannot continously file the saddle because you have to maintain the angle.

Also if you want to find out if the saddle is well cut you will need to press the twelfth fret and fin dout the distance between the thirteenth fret and the string. In case the saddle is well cut there will no distance practically between the string and the thirteenth fret. This chcek should be done when you are pressing the string at the twelfth fret.


Tuners are the pegs at the headstock of the guitar. It is important that they are smooth to operate and dont feel jumpy. When you move these pegs they should rotate smoothly. This will help you in tuning the guitar properly. While you can always change the tuners in case they have an issue but it is always wise you buy a guitar which has smooth tuners.

Avoid warped necks

If you have been usinga guitar, you should be familiar with warped necks and you might have seen some guitarists looking down the fretboard from one edge of the guitar to find if the guitar has a flaw. For those who are not familiar a warped neck means that the fretboard of the guitar. This is a very frequent phenomnon in case of a guitar. If there is a lot of twist it makes the guitar prcatically unplayable.

The warped neck happens more frequently in a classical guitar as compared to an electrical guitar. The reason for this is that the classical guitar is a more delicate instrument than an electric guitar. So make sure that you dont buy a classical guitar that has a warped neck

Classical Guitar Vs Acoustic Guitar : Major Differences

In case you are new to world of guitars and have just decided to start playing one, you must be wondering which type of guitar to choose. A lot of beginners start with with an acoustic or a classical guitar. The rason is that both these guitars are easier to start with and less harsh on the fingers as compared to an electric guitar. When you get familiar with playing guitars you can switch between any kind of guitar whether its acoustic, classical, electric or bass at your will.

Now we will talk about what are they key differences between acoustic and classical guitars so you could make a choice about the one which you are going to buy


The most noticeable differnece bettween bot the guitars is the material of the strings. The strings in a classical guitar are made of nylon whereas those in an acoustic guitar are made of steel. That means the sound of both guitars is different. The acoustic guitar has a bright sound whereas the sound produced by a classical guitaris more mellow.