Best Acoustic Guitars for Beginners in India for 2020 Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

If you are a music lover who wish to pursue your passion in music then acoustic guitar is the best instrument to begin with. It is one of the most popular musical instruments amongst the youth of modern India. Main reason behind the popularity of acoustic guitar is that unlike electric guitar it does not need any amplifying instrument to produce sound. Icing on the cake is its ease of use. You can easily learn to produce beautiful and melodious music through acoustic guitar by taking up few music lessons online or in a brick and mortar class. 

Acoustic guitars produce music through the strings present in it. These strings vibrates at different frequencies to produce wide range of harmonics. When you go out for buying your first guitar in India, you will come across plethora of brands claiming to sell the best acoustic guitars in India. When we talk about features, almost all the major brands have something good to sell. We have come up with pros, cons and reviews about some of the most popular acoustic guitars in India for you to wisely choose your first guitar

Top 10 acoustic guitars for beginners in India

Now that we know that what all specifications and characteristics have to be taken under consideration while buying an acoustic guitar as a beginner, let us discuss top ten acoustic guitars in India. These are the most popular acoustic guitars inspiring millions of music lovers to pursue their passion and career in music. Let us discuss their pros, cons and reviews so that you end up buying the right guitar which not only gives you full worth of money spent over it but also shape your career in music.

1. Jaurex JRZ38C acoustic guitar

If you are looking for an attractive and stylish guitar at a very reasonable price then Jaurex JRZ38C acoustic guitar is expert’s pick for you. Innovative design and attractive look of the guitar makes it popular amongst the buyers. Linden wooden body of the guitar has black glossy finish and have 18 frets. Apart from that bridge cloth of the guitar is made of plastic. 

Size of the guitar is 96 * 43 * 12 cm and is quite light in weight. It is apt for beginners who are learning to hold the guitar comfortably and play music. 

Modern designing and sound quality of the guitar is quite impressive. Linden wood finger board and ebony wood fret board are aesthetically appealing and produces good sound using acoustics. 

Complete body of the guitar is wooden along with linden binding, geared tuning and steel strings. 

You get a bad, straps, strings and couple of picks along with this guitar. Apart from that you can easily tune the guitar with the help of the smooth tuning peg on the guitar. String height of the guitar is also very comfortable and smooth on your fingers. Playing this guitar do not cause any hand fatigue. 

Durable wood top is responsible for rich, rich smooth and vibrant sound from this guitar  

2. Fender CD60s dreadnought acoustic guitar

Fender CD60 acoustic guitar has secured second position in the list mainly because of its high quality yet affordable dreadnought along with its smooth and rich sound and excellent playability. 

It has a solid spruce top along with strong, bright and dynamic range. Mahogany back and sides of the guitar plays an important role in delivering a balanced tone along with plenty of volume and mid-range. It also gives an attractive look to the guitar. 

Neck of the guitar is easy to hold, handle and play. Rolled fingerboard sides further increases the ease of use of the guitar. Die cast tuners in the guitar makes sure that the strings of the guitar stay tuned. 

You can produce rich and warm tones with ultimate resonant qualities of the 

Dimensions of the guitar is 117. 1 * 48.8 * 18. 8 cm and it weighs around 2.84 kg. It is a light weight acoustic guitar perfect for beginners. 

3. Cort AD810 dreadnought acoustic guitar

Whether you are beginner or musician playing plethora of music genres and styles, Cort AD810 dreadnought acoustic guitar will be a perfect choice for you. It is a popular guitar mainly because of its style, flexibility, strength and balance. 

It is one of the popular choices of guitars in India mainly because of its high quality strings which can resist heat, sweat, humidity and dirt. 

Dimensions of the guitar is 115 * 53 8 16 cm and it weighs around 5.6 kg. It is an ideal guitar for both beginners and professional giving performances in front of live audience. 

Rosewood fret board of the guitar has amazing looks, sturdy strings and can play around 20 frets. It offers great sound and playability to the guitarist. 

One year warranty against any kind of manufacturing defect from a brand like Cort is icing on the top. 

Gig bag, E310 tuner, picks and straps are some of the accessories you get with the guitar

4. Kadence frontier series acoustic guitar

Ergonomic design, great playability and high quality are the USP of this amazing acoustic guitar by Kadence. If you are looking forward to some effortless guitar playing then this Kadence frontier series acoustic guitar will be a perfect choice for you. It is the perfect choice for both beginners who need guitar for their day to day practice and experts who play guitar professionally. 

It is a good choice for professional because it can be easily connected to the speaker outputs. 

It is a guitar beautiful guitar made of spruce wood. It offers good looks and sound quality to the users. Fret board, neck and bridge cloth of the guitar are made of rosewood and are brown in colour. 

It has 6 strings, 20 frets and the scale size of the guitar is 39 inches. It offers a great sound quality to both the musician and the audience. 

Dimensions of the guitar are 100 * 17 * 43 cm and it weighs around 2 kg. Gig bag, strings, straps and picks are the accessories you get with the guitar. 

It is an ISO certified guitar which is durable, comfortable to play and comes with a six months warranty from the manufacturer. 

5. Ibanez MD39C NT 39 Cutaway

If we talk about guitar which has high quality artisanship, functionality and constriction then Ibanez MD39C NT 39 guitar will definitely ace the race. This guitar has secured a respectable position in the list mainly due to it high quality parts, excellent sound quality, small size and reasonable price. If you are beginner who have just begun to take up guitar classes or like performing in your private parties at home then this guitar will be best choice for you. 

It is a good looking guitar with finger board made of rosewood and top is made using spruce. Natural sunburst finish of the guitar increases its aesthetic value by many folds. 

It has 6 strings and 20 frets to produce excellent quality of sound. Scale length of the guitar is 39 inches. 

It is a durable, high quality and water resistant guitar.

Dimensions of the guitar is 40 * 18.5 * 5 cm. 

You get durable gig bag with nylon outer shell, straps and picks along with the guitar. 

6. YAMAHA F310 6 strings acoustic guitar

If we talk about musical instruments with world class quality then YAMAHA is a brand that will earn a respectable place in the list. It is a brand known for its world class musical instruments. If you are looking for a guitar with best and loud acoustic tones and smooth playability then your search will definitely end at F310 guitar by YAMAHA. 

Its dreadnought style body is one of the most conventional body styles. 

Dimensions of the guitar is 88 * 12.1 * 10.9 cm and it weighs around 2.4 kg. its scale length is short and offers ease of playing to the beginners. 

Sides, back and top of the guitar is made of spruce. 

You get 120 watts of audio wattage to explore unlimited possibilities with the guitar.

Strings of the guitar are short, smooth on fingertips and helps in playing high quality music with least tension on them. Only problem with the strings is quality of the steel which needs improvement. 

7. Intern INT 38C Acoustic guitar

Intern INT 38C acoustic guitar have been especially designed for ease of playing and giving wings to the passion of the beginners who are learning to play guitar. It is an excellent quality guitar with excellent sound quality. It is a beautiful guitar made of ebony wood, linden wood and fret board. While bridge cloth of the guitar is made of plastic. Sleek sunburst finish of the guitar looks aesthetically appealing.

It is wooden guitar with 6 steel strings and 20 frets. Strings have smooth action and do not give fatigue to the hands. 

Dimensions of the guitar is 97 * 42 * 11 cm and weighs around 2.1 kg. Scale length of the guitar is around 38 inches.  

It is a low cost guitar and you can easily get it in the price range of 2000 to 3000 rupees. 

8. Photron 38 inches cutaway acoustic guitar

Photron cutaway acoustic guitar will definitely get special brownie points for its amazing looks and one of the most innovative designs amongst other acoustic guitars in competition. 

Entire body of the guitar is made of Linden wood. It has high durability and beautiful finish.

This guitar by Photron has size strings made of nylon. They are smooth in hands and produces excellent sound quality. It will be a good choice for a newbie planning to take up guitar classes. Scale of the guitar is of 38 inches. 

Bag, picks, straps and additional strings are some of the accessories you get with the guitar. 

9. Breve BRE 38 C BK acoustic guitar

High quality sound, innovative design and excellent quality tune are some of the bestselling features of Breve BRE 38C BK acoustic guitar. Black finish of the guitar is quite appealing to the eyes. 

38 inches scale of the guitar lets you achieve higher frets. Apart from that 6 strings of the guitar lets you do perfect strumming and produce rich and thick harmonics. 

You can easily keep the guitar in tune by tuning pegs which are easy and quick to adjust. 

Dimensions of the guitar are 96.5 * 35.6 * 8.9 cm and it weighs around 2.4 kg. It is an ideal guitar for beginners. You can easily carry the guitar from one place to another without any hassle. 

You get accessories like bag, extra strings, straps, case and picks with this guitar

10. Jixing JXNG 6 strings acoustic guitar

If you are a beginner who is low on budget but wants to play a guitar which produces good sound and rich tones then Jixing is one of the best low costs guitars available in India. It is a durable guitar with high sound quality. May be this is the reason that it has secured a place in the list of top ten acoustic guitars in India. 

It is a stylish guitar with very good built quality and excellent finish. It is a sleek guitar made of high quality material.  

6 strings and 18 frets of the guitar lets you produce interesting music and explore various varieties of music. 

Different types of guitars in India

Before we venture into the pool of most popular guitars in India, let us understand what the different kind of guitars available are for a musician. Having a good understanding about types of guitars will help you in choosing your first guitar and then proceed with successive guitars as your music training progresses. 

Acoustic guitar

As the name suggests this type of guitars produce high volume musical notes using acoustics. It has a hollow body which helps the guitar to do so. It is a wooden guitar with six strings. It is a good looking guitar available in different body shapes and sizes. You can choose between cut away style or symmetrical guitars. You can easily access higher frets by arm resting place in a cutaway guitar. Some brands also offer large guitars to produce banging sounds too. Acoustic guitar provides articulate notes, parlour and auditorium to the musician. 

Semi acoustic guitar

As your music lessons progress, you can try your hand on semi acoustic guitar which is an amazing combination of acoustic guitar as well as electric guitar. There will be no exaggeration if we say that it stands somewhere in the middle. Like acoustic guitar it has a hollow body to produce sounds through acoustics. Since its body is quite thin, the sound can be amplified by plugging the guitar to electric plug. It is not the right guitar for someone who is looking forward to learn fully acoustic guitar or play an electric guitar in a performance. 

Electro acoustic guitar

Another amazing version of acoustic guitar is electro acoustic guitar. Difference between acoustic guitar and electro acoustic guitar is that the later can be connected to an amplifier or a PA instrument for producing louder noise. It is one of the best choices if you get a chance to perform in a music concert at initial level of your career.

Bass guitar

If you are looking forward to give an earth shaking performance in the upcoming rock music event, then bass guitar should be your choice of guitar. It is a four string guitar used to produce deep and thick notes. Solid bodies of these guitars helps in producing sounds by semi acoustic or acoustic basses. 5 or 6 strings version of bass guitar lets you produce a wide range of musical notes. If you have an entire band and then bass guitar will definitely increase the charm of your performance by many folds. 

Electric guitar

As the name suggests, you need to connect this guitar to an amplifier for producing loud sounds. Guitar is made of top notch sturdy wood and have a solid body and hence produces low volume sound. Strings of the guitar are also quite sturdy and up to 12 strings electric guitars are available in India. 

How to Buy An Acoustic Guitar

Some very important factors to be taken under consideration before buying a guitar

  1. Purpose for which you are buying the guitar! The first and foremost thing to be taken under consideration is the purpose for which you are buying the guitar. There can be many aspects to that. May be you are a beginner who is planning to take few classes for playing guitar and buying the guitar for the first time. May be you are someone who is already taking classes and wish to upgrade your old guitar with a new one. Size of the audience in front of which you wish to play can be another aspect of the purpose of buying the guitar. Whether you wish to play privately at your home, or in front of small audience or is a music concert. If the guitar is for private purpose then simple acoustic guitar is sufficient for you. But if you are planning to play it in a musical concert then you should go for hybrid acoustic guitar which will help you in producing amplified sound when connected to an amplifier. 
  2. Design and construction of the guitar! Design and construction of the acoustic guitar will eventually play a very important role in the ease by which you can play the guitar. Material of the guitar, fretboard, fingerboard and strings are some criterions by which you can select the right design of the guitar for you. It is important to check out the neck of the guitar. Neck refers to the point where body of the guitar is joined with the headstock. Neck can be either glued or connected with the help of bolt. It is very important to select a guitar with a good looking and sturdy neck rather than a guitar which has flimsy neck. 
  3. Body of the guitar! Another very important thing to be taken under consideration while buying a guitar is body of the acoustic guitar. Body of the guitar is also referred as sound board. Three main body types found in guitars are hollow guitars, semi hollow guitars and guitars with solid body. Third type of body is usually found in electric guitars and plays an instrumental role in producing various genres of music such as jazz, rock, pop and hip-hop. 
  4. Size of the body of the guitar! It will be interesting to note that size and shape of the soundboard of the guitar plays a very important role in sound emanating from the guitar and its usability. Depth and loudness of the sound coming from the guitar is directly proportional to the size of the soundboard of the guitar. So if you are planning to give an earth shaking performance in front of live audience, go for bigger guitars with big soundboard. 
  5. Your skills level! If you are a beginner and not much familiar to the musical instrument then you should go for basic models of acoustic guitars which are reasonable in price and also have good specifications. These guitars will offer you convenient platform to learn playing guitar. As your training progresses you can upgrade yourself to advanced versions of acoustic guitars. Acoustic guitars are quite expensive and you should buy them only after considering things like your skills, purpose and budget. 
  6. Budget! Next very important point to be taken under consideration is budget of buying the guitar. As a beginner you will not need a guitar which costs more than 5000 to 10000 rupees. The guitar under consideration should be able to fulfil your primary needs of learning to play guitar rather than having advanced features which are of no use to you as a beginner. 

Some very useful tips when you go buying your first guitar!

  • Choose a guitar which suits your interest! You do not need to be a technical maestro for buying the right guitar. But you definitely need to consider your interest before selecting a guitar for yourself. It will a total waste of time, money and energy if you end up buying an electric guitar but what you actually need is an acoustic guitar. A person who has good command over playing an acoustic guitar may not produce the same magic of notes using an electric guitar. As a beginner your needs are very limited and all you need to do is cultivate your interest towards learning music and learning to play guitar. Technically hi fi guitar may discourage you and you might end up opting out of the entire activity. As a beginner you need a guitar which is easy to handle, easy to play and at the same time it develops your interest towards the music. 
  • Don’t fall in the trap of big brand names! Big brand names usually creates a mirage and not let you see the real worth of the thing you are paying a fortune for. Big brand names usually sell guitars at a higher price and you seldom able to judge whether the guitar you are buying is worth the expenditure or not. Instead of falling in to the trap of big brands, go to local markets, check out some lower brands which sell good guitars with good sound quality at a reasonable price. 
  • Choose the guitar based on its size! When you will go out to buy a guitar for yourself, you will come across guitars with plethora of sizes and lengths. Guitar which is too big or small or too long or short can have negative effect on your performance. Guitar should be of apt size and your shoulders and hands should be able to handle it without any pain. A medium sized guitar is god for a youngster who is just beginning to take guitar lesson while an adult can go for a full size guitar.
  • Emphasise on quality over cost! If you come across a commercial in which cost price of the guitar is 10000 rupees but the shopkeeper is selling it for 4000 rupees, then do not buy that guitar. Undoubtedly there will be some fault in the guitar which has such a large difference in its cost price and selling price. It is very important to check quality of the guitar and not finalise any guitar just by looking at its cost. 
  • Colour and finish of the guitar is also very important! If you are buying a product which is not visually appealing then there is high chance that your performance is affected and you even lose interest in playing the guitar. So apart from looking at the sound quality and sturdiness of the guitar, also look at the colour and finish of the guitar. You get many good looking guitars in the market which can increase the aesthetic appeal of your overall performance by many folds. 
  • Some technical points to be taken under consideration! Apart from colour, finish, sound quality and cost of the guitar, you will need to look at some technical specifications for buying the right guitar. Tuning machine of the guitar should work easily without any obstruction. Apart from that neck of the guitar should be sturdy and should feel safe to hold in hands during the performance. Wooden bridge in the guitar should be firmly glued to the body of the guitar. You should also make sure that you make the string weight low at the nut area above the first fret. 

Some of the frequently asked questions people ask while buying a guitar

Q1. Which is the best place to buy the guitar?

Ans. If experts are to be believed then local markets are the best place to look for the best acoustic guitar for beginners. At branded showrooms you can never be sure whether the guitar is worth the price paid by you or not. You can also look for a reputed online store with good discount coupons and deals to find best acoustic guitar. 

Q2. Are acoustic guitars different from classic guitars?

Ans. Acoustic guitars are the latest variety of guitars used to produce excellent music. Classic guitars have nylon strings while acoustic guitars have steel strings. Apart from that classic guitars are light weight, cheaper and portable than acoustic guitars. 

Q3. Are acoustic guitars good for producing high quality music?

Ans. Acoustic guitar have proved to be one of the best guitars to produce high quality sound. Being a beginner you can choose a guitar ranging somewhere between 5000 and 7000 rupees. You can upgrade you guitar as and when required. Though it is always advisable to buy a guitar with good quality components and excellent construction so that it lasts longer and gives you worth of money spent over it. 


Finding the perfect guitar is a lengthy and complicated process. But now that you know about top ten guitars in India and what all characteristics to look for before you buy a guitar, buying the right guitar will not be difficult for you. A guitar which is made of good material, high strength strings, good finish and is of reasonable price will be the right guitar for the beginner. Look for a renowned local music shop in your locality and check out the varieties of acoustic guitar that it has got to offer. You can also find good acoustic guitar on online stores with good reputation and reviews. Once you are sure about your purpose of buying the guitar and budget you wish to spend on the guitar, you can explore the plethora of best acoustic guitars for beginners in local shops and in online stores as well. Give special emphasis to durability of the guitar whether you are buying the guitar for your kids, for yourself as a newbie or for playing the guitar professionally in front of live audience